Journey of Consciousness with Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Twin Flame Secrets

An advanced spiritual relationships workshop by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Imagine being in a physical, mental, emotional and spiitual relationship with Source?

Twin Flame Secrets - an advanced spiritual relationships workshop by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Twin Flame Secrets

Twin Flame Secrets is an advanced excursion into the higher potentials of Twin Flame relationships and how they coexist with spiritual transformation, increased psychic abilities and accelerated growth of awareness. The Soul Mate Secrets course is a pre-requisite.

This course will inspire you to embrace your highest heroic relationship!

Twin Flame relationships !

This life-changing advanced training answers all your questions about your twin flame relationships, their possibilities, outlines their potential for spiritual growth and accelerates your experiences of happiness and bliss.

All about Twin Flame relationships by Twin Flames Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Here are some items raised in this course:

  • Do you believe your have met or are with your Twin Flame?
  • Do you believe you have encountered a lesser twin?
  • Do you see repeat master numbers? Which ones?
  • Have you seen proof your relationships are guided by Spirit?
  • Do you feel you have remembered the original separation?
  • Do you remember separating from your Twin Flame?
  • If you have met your twin, is it a committed relationship?
  • Have you encountered difficult choices in this relationship?
  • Do you believe in happy-ever-after?
  • Describe your relationship with your male/female aspects?
  • How do stories of the fall of man affect you?
  • Do you believe you have a planetary mission?

Easy To Understand

Twin Flame relationships can be complex and, at times, even difficult to live with. This life-changing training breaks it all down into easy-to-understand, real-life situations that will have you seeing your own and the relationships of others in a new light by the end of the course.

All about Twin Flame relationships by Twin Flames Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

How can this course serve you and others?

~ Answer your 'why's' about the real purpose of your relationships
~ Discover your soul’s purpose (and that of others in your life)
~ Bring past life understanding into your present relationships
~ Heal your ancestral past and help your partners do the same
~ Come up with valuable guidance for yourself and your partners
~ Understand and resolve karmic imprints
~ Locate and identify your Twin Flames
~ Know why you picked your partners
~ Achieve deep knowledge and understanding of each other
~ Find out your highest outcome together
~ Add depth to your existing relationships
~ and much more!


David Lamar

"This course brought such clarity to me. I was never clear why I was in any of my relationships, but now I know exactly what is going on, and it is amazing!”

Fiona Carey Energy Practitioner

"This course healed my world! Just understanding who and why these people were in my life helped me so much on my journey! Your insights were amazing! With much love.”

Ciaran Benson

"This workshop was one of the most enlightening I've ever been on! I did the Soul Mates Secrets course and doubted if there could be more, but wow, I'm astonished.”

Plus you get...

Free membership of the World of Empowerment. Free PDF booklet entitled, "Twin Flames & Soul Mates"

Certificate of Completion. Access to all our other courses at a discount.

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