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Digital & Print Publishing

by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu empower authors around the globe to realize their publishing dreams. With over 1,000 titles successfully published, we distribute your book to over 38,000 retailers worldwide in classic paperback, hardback, and all digital formats. It’s time!

The Imprints of Twin Flame Productions LLC

Our Imprints

Twin Flame Productions LLC has 10 registered publishing imprints. Each imprint serves a different purpose and a different marketplace. Simply entering one of the above names in a search engine will bring up all the books under that imprint, or click below to learn more about our imprints.

Books by Aingeal Rose & Ahonu

Our Books

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu have published over 1,000 books since we began our publishing business in 2016. We distribute to over 38,000 retailers around the world in print and digital format as well as through the well-known outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc.

Our Imprints

Aingeal Rose & Ahonu founded Twin Flame Productions and its imprints out of their desire to bring to the world books that broaden and expand the minds and creative potential of people everywhere. Their goal is the enrichment of each individual from the youngest to the oldest. They achieve this goal by bringing to the print and ebook marketplace a wide and diverse variety of titles from all genres of life.

Our Mission
To provide knowledge, inspiration, encouragement, entertainment, personal expansion and a compelling reader experience from all our books.

Our Vision
We believe that knowledge and information enhances our ability to make our hopes and dreams become a reality. There's nothing like a good book to inspire us, move us forward, encourage us to take action and expand our understanding of ourselves and our world. Our vision is that Twin Flames Productions be a creative catalyst in making your world a better place!


Activity Attic -

Activity Attic Books is inspired and animated by the creative impulse in children and adults alike. It is primarily for Coloring, Drawing and Activity Books for Adults.


Aingeal Rose & Ahonu -

This personal imprint is for all books that have as its core the expansion of consciousness and the growth of awareness.


Creative Playbooks -

Creative Playbooks is an imprint for Coloring, Drawing and Activity Books for Children.


Daybook Heaven -

Daybook Heaven is focused on Daily Journals, Planners, Notebooks and other Blank Books.


Harmony House -

This imprint is for books that bring harmony, fun and cohesion to our divided world. 


Prodigy Wizard -

As the name implies, this imprint is for Educational & Informative Books for Children.


Puzzle Coop -

Puzzle Coop books contain Crossword, Word Search & Sudoku Puzzles for adults and children alike.


Record Book World -

This imprint contains all those books that record entries of one kind or another. These include wedding registries, gun registers, logbooks etc.


Testament Books -

Books of a sacred nature are included here. They can contain scripture and other religious images or references.


World of Empowerment -

This powerful imprint is for spiritual books that become Portals To Personal Power for their readers.

How To Bake A Book in Bite-Size Bits

Ahonu has developed a course on how to get your book from idea to publisher ready in 6 weeks.

A Year Without Food

by Ray Maor

Twin Flame Publishing Packages



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